Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy
 Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy

Couple Therapy

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All our student and postqualified Couple and Relationship Therapists have previously trained in either counselling, psychotherapy, psychosexual therapy, family therapy, child & adolescent therapy, group therapy or psychology, or in a combination of these.


Couple therapy can be a really effective intervention for those who seriously want to resolve a conflict, a trauma, or during a period of transition such as becoming parents. Or simply for those who wish to deepen their commitment to one another or improve communication and intimacy.



In couple therapy the relationship is understood as the client - a conjoint entity in itself with its own personality and behaviour. It is not an accident why we choose the partners we do, and the reason for this may be more than is obvious to you.

Why couple therapy?

All relationships have their own process of development, therefore, a difficulty or trauma in the relationship can be an important developmental stage - an opportunity to not only resolve the problem but also to deepen intimacy and forge a much stronger bond.

Often people treat relationships like a motor car; they either change it as often as possible, run it into the ground or they look after it by seeking expert help to maintain it.

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