Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy
 Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy

Transpersonal Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy Diploma

The Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy Education (CCPE) is offering a postqualifying professional Diploma in Transpersonal Couple Counselling and Psychotherapy. 


If you possess a postgraduate diploma in counselling, psychotherapy or psychology accredited by the either the BACP, UKCP, BASRT (COSRT) or BPS then you may be eligible to apply for the training.


Why Train as a Couple Therapist?

Many qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists practice couple therapy without any postqualifying couple therapy training but in actuality the understanding and application of psychological theories and skills, and the use of the 'Self' are radically altered than when applied to individual, psychosexual, family or group therapies.


Course Aims

This course provides an integrative training that addresses the main theories that inform couples work e.g. Psychodynamic, Systemic and Cognitive approaches delivered and integrated from within a Transpersonal context. The course offers an opportunity for therapists to develop the skills that enable them to work creatively with couples facing the challenges of being in a relationship.


The Transpersonal Context

The transpersonal perspective asserts that all human beings are a part of the whole (collective unconscious) while respecting the rich difference and diversity of individuals, couples, families, groups, cultures etc. For example, that when facilitating couples therapy we (the therapist) understand that the relationship is made up of two unique individuals that may have come from very different cultures with very different life experiences and worldviews but when the couple join they form a unique entity in itself and at the very basic level of this entity is something we call non-duality.


The concept of non-duality gives the couple therapist an understanding that within the relationship are the projected out parts and archetypal aspects of the self into the other that if made conscious, owned and taken back in potentially realises a more individuated individual and relationship.


Thus the higher function and purpose of primal wounding and subsequent conflict within a relationship is transpersonal as it proffers the opportunity for both partners to reclaim the opposites in the self.


The Training                           

The course consists of nine weekends at monthly intervals from January to November during the academic year.


Each student is offered the opportunity to gain;

  • A thorough understanding of a transpersonal perspective on couple therapy.
  • A grounding in the main theories as applied to couple therapy.
  • An understanding and practice of the skills necessary to manage the challenges of working with couples, from initial assessment through to endings.
  • An opportunity to deepen your understanding of difference & diversity, sex and sexuality, neurobiology/neuropsychology, and resolution of conflict in couples.
  • An opportunity for participants to gain a deeper understanding of their own relational patterns through experiential work.
  • An opportunity (where possible) to work with couples at a low cost referred by our clinic at CCPE.

Most afternoons will comprise of small group practice sessions followed by supervision in small groups facilitated by one the tutors.

The will not run in 2020

Course Dates for 2021 to be decided

Example Dates

Module   Saturday & Sunday

Module 1: 19th & 20th January - Alchemy of Relationships

Module 2:  23th & 18th February -  Systems and Developmental Theories

Module 3: 16th & 17th March - Polarisation, Conflict and Crisis

Module 4:  27th & 28th April - Couples in Context

Module 5: 18th & 19th May -  Observed Skills Practice

Module 6: 15th & 16th June - The Psychosexual Couple

Module 7: 14th & 15th September - Biology, Brain and Behaviour

Module 8: 19th & 20th October - The Creative Imagination

Module 9:  02nd & 03rd November - Cycle of Life, Death, and Re-birth in Relationships

Course Fees: TBC for 2021

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