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Student Testimonials

 Graduate Feeback on the Couples Diploma

"When I signed up to the Diploma training in Transpersonal Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy I was a qualified UKCP reg. Psychotherapist and Supervisor with an established private and NHS practice. Of the many courses and CPD I’d undertaken since qualifying nearly 10 years before, I was surprised and delighted to find that this one stretched me in ways I hadn’t anticipated. I was impressed by the thoroughness of the curriculum, the relaxed style of John and Cathy’s teaching and their wonderful sense of humour which made the training really enjoyable even when it was hard. They have great skills as teachers - an abundance of patience and generosity while consistently maintaining good boundaries, which makes for a very well-contained training experience.  In addition to enabling me to expand my practice to work with couples, the course provided new tools for working with individuals.  I’m really glad I did it."  - A. H. (2012)


"I had been working with individuals for over 10 years and wanted to expand my practice to include couples. In my experience, the Transpersonal aspect of working with couples is extremely powerful and gets to the core of difficulties. The Diploma has literally been life changing for me, in terms of my understanding of relationships. John and Cathy provided a very safe, inclusive and professional environment to learn a truly fascinating way of working with clients. I would highly recommend the Diploma to anyone considering this area of work. I completed the Diploma in 2012." S.F.


"The Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy Diploma is the jewel in the crown of my training expereince. Cathy and John deliver a comprehensive review of relationship theory with humour and ease. We studied the dynamics of relationships through the lenses of the transpersonal, systems theory and object relations. Our facilitators taught us a wide range of applied theory, and practical techniques and skills that I frequently refer to in my work. Throughout, it was an informative and engaging experience." M.A. (2011)


"The course was an invaluable tool in entering the challenging world of working as a couple therapist. The course helped me to think about  myself in relationships and to get a very good understanding about processes in relationships in general. I left with a much greater understanding as well as a very handy tool box that allowed me to feel confident as a couples therapist. Both Cathy and John are highly knowledgeable, warm and fun to work with." A.D. (2012)


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